Go digital with your customers and boost your activity with BtoB e-commerce

Visiativ BtoB e-Commerce Consumer Goods allows you to develop a new relationship with your professional customers and to use the Internet to make BtoB ordering processes more efficient. Customers can order at any time and anywhere, benefit from lower prices, see what stock is available and follow the status of each delivery. All customers can access technical and marketing documents for the products in accordance with their profile.

Key features:

  • BtoB e-commerce website that is available on all devices: computer, tablet etc.
  • Platform available in multiple languages and currencies
  • Coupling with the management system through a specialised business pivot table
  • Enhancement of the product catalogue as well as data from the management system (ERP)
  • Free browsing layout, up to 5 menu levels
  • Categorised filters to refine your search content
  • Taking into account up to 10 different features of the products (size, colour etc.)
  • Powerful planning engine for promotional activities
  • Personalising catalogues, prices and promotions based on the BtoB customer profile
  • Taking into account what is in stock and what is coming into stock
  • Managing ways of ordering
  • Managing multiple baskets
  • Monitoring online ordering
  • Cross-selling “related products” feature
  • Visual reminder feature for last viewed products
  • Representative access for employees: logging in on behalf of one of your customers

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From €890 a month excl. tax for a number of customers or an unlimited number of retailers.

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