Evaluez, maîtrisez et contrôlez les expositions de vos collaborateurs

Evaluate, manage and control your employees' exposure levels

Control processes for validating and sharing your relevant documents and work on your internal or external documents together. Integrated into your information system, connected to your office tools and capture tools (Automatic Document Recognition, scan) and open to the outside world, the Moovapps Customer Document solution is at the heart of the exchange and collaboration measure for digital accounting firms.

Moovapps Chemical Safety Assessment, key features:

  • Classifying risks by new and old classifications
  • Publishing security files
  • List of dangerous chemicals and dangerous situations
  • Identifying Homogenous Exposure Groups (HEG)
  • Evaluating the risks of dangerous chemical agents, Atex, Asbestos by HEG: INRS (French National Research and Safety Institute) method ND2433
  • Publishing individual records on exposure to chemical risks
  • Publishing the chemical risk Unique Document
  • Developing preventative plans of action
  • Monitoring established activities and measures

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