Dématérialisez la gestion des commandes de prestations

Digitalise supplier order management

With Moovapps Corporate Concierge Services, you can order all kinds of services, as well as different kinds of products from an online shop (meals, room service, snacks, office supplies).

The app is generally used with the Moovapps Meeting Room Management module when booking a meeting room. It combines a visual catalogue, a tool for setting up a basket and an ordering process.

Moovapps Corporate Concierge Services vous permet de commander tout type de prestation

Moovapps Corporate Concierge Services, key features:

  • Process for ordering services (meals and food by default)
  • Search engine
  • Managing your basket
  • Notifications by text, email and/or by fax
  • Control statistics
  • Portal accessible 24/7
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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From €100 a month excl. tax for 20 users. The price is lower if you have less users.

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