An extranet dedicated to processing your customer information requests

With Visiativ Customer Information Request you can quickly implement a secure and intuitive extranet for your customers. Your customers have a portal they can access 24/7 for any information requests regarding your products and services. Carefully manage any requests, take the pressure off your After-Sales Service, reduce your number of calls and increase your customer satisfaction.

Group requests from different channels into one single management tool, making it easier to file and process them. Keep your customers up to date with the latest news and allow them to access key technical documents. Finally, you can easily share customer satisfaction and performance indicators internally with your Customer Service teams.

Visiativ Customer Information Request, key features:

  • Web portal implemented in SaaS, in multiple languages and streamlined
  • Creation of requests with document filing in all kinds of formats (photo, PDF, video)
  • Dashboard monitoring requests, displayed in order of importance
  • Managing information requests and personalised notification system
  • Automatic notification by email of request progress
  • Personalisation of the handling process
  • Streamlined document bases
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • News feed that shares information on request

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From €100 a month excl. tax for 5 internal users and an unlimited number of customers. The price is lower if you have less users.

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