Share your documents securely wherever you are

Visiativ Drive is a secure professional solution for sharing, storing and syncing files, in response to companies’ increasing need for mobility and working together.

The solution provides businesses with the necessary security, control and traceability. You can work with multiple parties in a secure space and thanks to the advanced syncing system, you will always have the latest version of your work files at your workstation or on your smartphone with the mobile app.

Visiativ Drive, key features:

  • 24/7 Web access: the web interface allows you to access any files stored in a French cloud, at any time and from any device, including from a smartphone or tablet
  • Syncing multiple computers: syncing files in real time between several computers. The files are updated automatically and the most recent version of the file is available on all devices
  • Secure and internal sharing: sharing files with internal employees is carried out simply and securely.
  • Secure and external sharing: the MD user can send a link to a cloud file (whether it is synced or not) to one or several external people. The user can authorise files to be added to this link, creating a data room for sharing files
  • Versioning: Visiativ Drive automatically saves previous versions of synced files and deleted documents. The files can be accessed in just one click through the web interface
  • Traceability of file movement within the company
Moovapps Drive, les fonctionnalités clés

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From €60 a month excl. tax for 5 internal users and an unlimited number of external users.

The price is lower if you have less users.

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