Boost your number of customers and retailers and retain their loyalty

With Visiativ eMarketing, you can easily plan your direct communication activities linked to both your latest and seasonal products and services. Set up automatic reminders to ensure you reach as many people as possible based on the channel they use: web widget, client extranet, BtoB e-commerce website, email or text.

Visiativ eMarketing also allows you to precisely measure how successful each marketing campaign has been and the Net Promoter Score for each community by using specific satisfaction surveys. It is easier to identify the customers and retailers who are a real ambassador for your brand.

Avec Moovapps eMarketing, planifiez aisément vos actions de communication directe en liaison avec votre actualité et la saisonnalité de vos produits et services

Visiativ eMarketing, key features:

  • Web widgets
  • Newsletter by email and text
  • Automated projections
  • Catalogue of marketing operations
  • Managing event sign ups
  • Creating landing pages
  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Campaign dashboard
  • Net Promoter Score index
Moovapps eMarketing, les fonctionnalités clés

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From €300 a month per community.

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