Centralise and organise purchase requests in your company

Visiativ Employee Purchase Request allows your administration department to centralise your employee purchase requests and to automate the approval process depending on the type and amount. Employees can see the progress of their requests and the department in charge of purchasing can access all the information that needs to be taken into account. Visiativ Employee Purchase Request is the solution that reduces your administrative workload when it comes to purchase requests in the company.

permet à votre service administratif de centraliser les demandes d’achats de vos collaborateurs

Visiativ Employee Purchase Request, key features:

  • Customisable purchase request forms
  • Conditional approval system (purchasing type, amount)
  • Monitoring ongoing requests to be processed
  • Pre-packaged portal available to employees
  • Managing notifications and monitoring tasks to be processed
  • System for publishing and highlighting news.
  • Discussion forum and instant messaging
  • Module with categorised Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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From €100 a month excl. tax for 20 users. The price is lower if you have less users.

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