Solution de gestion des services généraux pour assurer un lieu de travail sain

Solution for managing general services to provide a healthy workplace

The Facility Manager covers all services related to managing a site (general building maintenance, maintaining/operating technical installations, common services for buildings, businesses and individuals, etc.).

It offers its occupants a work environment in line with their business needs, striving to respect hygiene, safety and environmental regulations, manage costs and improve the quality of services provided.

Moovapps Facilities Management, key features:

A Moovapps platform FM configuration, offering the following modules:

  • Portal for creating a single point of access to all information
  • Reference document to ensure thorough knowledge of all infrastructures to be maintained
  • Business modules: managing service requests, preventative measures, regulatory technical obligations, energy consumption, CSR and resource bookings (meeting rooms, work positions, service vehicles etc.)
  • Communication area for publishing business information in a structured way (news, editorials, surveys, etc.)
  • iDataroom for centralising and organising all business-related documentation (contracts, business reports, regulatory monitoring, installation plans, reports, etc.)
  • Integration of business tools designed for technical management and controlling services (Computerised Maintenance Management Solution, welcome, catering, concierge, etc.)
  • Dashboard to help with decision making and performance analysis

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