La solution RH complète et sécurisée qui s’intègre parfaitement à votre SIRH

The comprehensive and secure HR solution that perfectly compliments your HRMS

The solution helps HR teams manage events in a completely secure way with data traceability. Thanks to this solution, you can decentralise the processes for reporting accidents at work remotely, while informing Human Resources (HR) and/or the company’s quality department in real time. You also have all the indicators to analyse the causes of the accidents and to ensure better risk prevention.

The solution is designed for HR staff, health and safety managers, QSE managers, etc. This accidents at work app improves the way accidents at work and all risks are managed.

The staff module applies to all business sectors: manufacturing, transport, services, etc. It can be completely personalised, adapting to your SST software to suit your company.

Moovapps Health & Security, key features:

  • Anticipate and prevent professional risks and occupational diseases
    • Alerts when incidents happen
    • Preventative action planning required for reducing risk exposure
    • Medical monitoring of employees
    • Analysing the circumstances and causes or even identifying risks
  • Effectively control the incidences of accidents at work and occupational diseases and save time and money
    • Remote reporting of accidents at work and occupational diseases: Validation processes, Cerfa, Edidat remote reporting
    • Managing direct and indirect costs from accidents at work and occupational diseases
    • Indicators, dashboards, calculations of frequency rates and severity rates
  • Manage accidents at work and occupational diseases easily
    • Controlling accidents on the way to work
    • Maintaining nursing records
    • Managing occupational diseases
    • Managing absences from work: accidents, illness, maternity leave, etc.

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