La gestion des documents de production industrielle intégrée à l’ERP

Managing manufacturing documents integrated with the ERP

Thanks to Moovapps Manufacturing Document, you have an integrated document management solution for your Manufacturing ERP allowing you to:

  • Ensure that your Production teams have access to the right version of the manufacturing documents (Manufacturing orders-plans-ranges-material certificate-referenced customer specifications on products or customers/business) linked to your ERP;
  • Share all these documents with all the people in the manufacturing chain (Workshop – Methods Office – Design Department – Project Manager – Quality – Purchasing – Customers);
  • Track different stakeholders’ activities and operations and make your document management system your document storage for your production and communication with customers and suppliers.
disposez d’une solution de gestion documentaire intégrée à votre ERP Industriel

Moovapps Manufacturing Document, key features:

  • User interfaces for all uses: Frequent users (Industrialisation Service and Project managers), Occasional users (Workshop – access from a tablet or a touch interface)
  • Point to point native integration of the App with your manufacturing ERP (in terms of range/family/product/order/etc.)
  • Managing document versions, including providing a pre-supplied approval system (in progress, being approved, being checked, expired)
  • Registering and filing documents in the document management system from Word, Excel, Outlook and your local scanners
  • Automatic filing of publications produced by the ERP
  • Quick filing feature for your emails and documents from Outlook – List of kinds of pre-supplied filing: customer claims, material certificates, plans and specifications
  • Sharing your documents from Outlook, with access through Outlook, to the document management system so you can directly select contacts, documents and third parties from the ERP
  • Automatic notification of document updates
  • Traceability: record keeping of activities (being consulted, being edited, etc.)

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From €2500 a month excl. tax for 5 users. The price is lower if you have less users.

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