More than 50 SOLIDWORKS tools to optimise your daily tasks.

3D design is acclaimed in all design departments. It really draws on creativity and is a passion for those responsible for designing, creating and being innovative everyday. That is what is great about being a designer, inspiring dreams. However, no designer likes to list parts all day, draw up blueprints or do the necessary but low-value added activities. my CADtools means these tasks are carried out almost automatically so the designer can spend their time doing the interesting part of the job: creating innovative designs.

Thanks to Visiativ myCADtools you can:

  •  Adapt SOLIDWORKS to your company and your work methods
  • Reduce time wasted on managing CAD data, spending this time on creating innovative designs
  • Improve basic SOLIDWORKS features by taking the specific characteristics of your business into account.
Dans tous les bureaux d’études, la conception en 3D est plébiscitée

SolidWorks Gold Product Certification:

Used today by more than 4,000 design departments, myCADtools is an essential tool for SOLIDWORKS users and is the answer to all their business needs. The SOLIDWORKS gold certification guarantees the high quality of myCADtools and ensures that it is perfectly integrated with and is operationally compatible with SOLIDWORKS. To achieve this status, myCADtools has had to follow a multi-stage certification process that reviews certain criteria.

For more than 13 years, myCADtools has been following each version of SOLIDWORKS. Updates with improvements and new features are offered regularly with every service pack and with each major version. You can suggest areas for improvement and contribute to the product’s development on the Lynkoa community forum here (link to Lynkoa forum).

Visiativ myCADtools, key features:

  • Coding rules and quick creation of intellectual property on documents
  • Mass processing of projects/files (automatic implementation, batch printing, mass file converter, etc.)
  • Application of colours from RAL and Pantone colour charts
  • Automatic creation of bills of materials in the form of component sheets
  • Extracting multiple bills of materials from projects/files
  • Optimising streamlined flow rates to reduce material waste
  • Automatic insertion of your set library components
  • Search for cases for component configuration use
  • Redesign of a new disk replacement in your document reference systems
  • etc.

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