An essential communication solution and a real boost to e-Commerce

Visiativ myProduct is a very simple solution for publishing 3D models online, with the models coming directly from CAD software. It is aimed at all companies that produce CAD files and that want to publish their 3D products online to increase their commercial impact.

Visiativ myProduct helps you:

  • Boost your company’s profile and products
  • Highlight your business expertise through innovative communications
  • Promote sales by making your products more appealing
  • Make your customers more satisfied with your technical products
  • Make your services more comprehensive
  • Present your services in a structured way
  • Create an online catalogue or improve your website in just a few clicks
Moovapps myProduct est une solution très simple de publication Web de modèles 3D, directement issus de la CAO

Visiativ myProduct, key features:

  • Adding 3D views on your website or intranet
  • Publishing 3D models on myProduct
  • Managing display options
  • Retrieving HTML code from the 3D display
  • Simply Copy/Paste in your site’s source file
  • Accepts most CAD formats
  • Creating your own 3D catalogue website
  • Publishing your 3D models on myProduct
  • Creating a product sheet with descriptions
  • Adding documents available for download
  • Managing display options
  • Organising catalogues by categories
  • Provides your catalogue’s URL link
  • Accepts most CAD formats
Moovapps myProduct, les fonctionnalités clés
Moovapps myProduct, les fonctionnalités clés

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