Connectez SOLIDWORKS PDM et votre ERP pour plus de productivité !

Connect SOLIDWORKS PDM and your ERP to make you more productive!

Moovapps PDM Gateway is the ideal solution for business wanting to optimise and automate information sharing between SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional and their ERP.

With Moovapps PDM Gateway:

Automate information sharing between design and production

⇒ Maximise the value of your technical data by syncing the two locations

⇒ Integrate data in an automated way from your design department into ERP

⇒ Recover data from ERP to improve your design classifications

Ensure your data is reliable and unique

⇒ Eliminate errors from re-inputting and multiple interfaces

⇒ Avoid forgetting to submit or update in ERP

⇒ Ensure data’s coherence and uniqueness throughout the manufacturing process

Make your teams more productive

⇒ Decrease the amount of time it takes to get to market

⇒ Improve design and innovation abilities in the design office

⇒ Capitalise on your PDM and ERP investments

Moovapps PDM Gateway est la solution idéale pour les entreprises qui souhaitent optimiser et automatiser les échanges d’information entre SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional et leur ERP

Moovapps PDM Gateway, key features:

  • Exporting SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional information to ERP:
    Manual or automatic triggering in an approval process on a life cycle stage
    ⇒ Automatically generating 2D or 3D PDF files and available for ERP
  • Importing information from ERP into SOLIDWORKS PDM Professional:
    ⇒ Planning import processing from ERP at regular intervals
  • Processing files from ERP:
    ⇒ Updating document features
    ⇒ Changing document status (expired, etc.)
  • ⇒ Option to automatically create SolidWorks files (from models) corresponding to article numbers created in advance in ERP
  • Exporting PDM classifications:
    ⇒ Classification structure
    ⇒ Export filters
    ⇒ Document features
    ⇒ Managing settings
    ⇒ Kinds of files transferred
    ⇒ Article categories
  • Option to export directly from SOLIDWORKS classifications
  • Option to adapt the format of the shared files (XSLT processing)
  • ERP format examples implemented with ePDM Gateway:

⇒ CLIPPER (CLIP Industrie)
⇒ ProConcept (SOLVAXIS)
⇒ ENOVIA (Dassault Systèmes)
⇒ ABAS (Abas PGI)

Moovapps PDM Gateway, les fonctionnalités clés

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