A simple pre-design tool for approving your choice of mechanical components

Visiativ Smart Design is aimed at all mechanical designers that want to approve standard mechanical parts and quickly produce design calculations. This “all in one” app means not only can calculations be carried out in a few minutes but also excess work and charts can be avoided, with software for Finite Element Analysis also being avoided in some cases. The user interface is extremely simple, it comprises most of the calculation tools that Design Departments need. All the formulas used are clearly displayed so the user can see them at all times.

Thanks to Visiativ SmartDesign you can:

  • Optimise your calculation time and ensure there are no pre-design errors
  • Justify your technical choices by quickly producing reliable design calculations
  • Centralise and standardise pre-design calculations
Moovapps Smart Design s’adresse à tous les concepteurs mécaniques qui souhaitent valider des éléments standards mécaniques et produire rapidement des notes de calculs.

Visiativ SmartDesign, key features:

  • Personalisable material library
  • Standard or parametrised profile library
  • Hardware library
  • Choice of system of units and online converter
  • Calculations for different scenarios adapted to the designer’s needs
  • Producing calculation reports in PDF format
  • Cartridge integrated with the report
  • Your company’s logo
  • Flexing, buckling, shearing, pulling, compressing and twisting
  • Second moments of area
  • Stress concentration factors
  • Bearing capacity
  • Contact pressure
  • Complex requests
  • Screw, Spring, Bearings, Yoke, Jack, Woodruff Key, Flute
Moovapps SmartDesign, les fonctionnalités clés

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