Facilitez le traitement de vos dossiers fournisseurs

Make it easier to process your supplier files.

Thanks to Moovapps Supplier Document, you have a solution that is designed to manage your supplier files. In this secure area, you can file and manage your contracts, communications, bills, quotes and orders. Purchasing, accounting and method departments, and generally all departments related to your suppliers, can centralise and access documents in a secure digital cabinet.

Moovapps Supplier Document speeds up the stages of your decision-making process by digitalising your approval systems, particularly the system for processing your supplier invoices and you save time processing your invoices by automating the handling process and invoice recognition (Automatic document reader/Automatic document recognition).

Grâce à Moovapps Supplier Document vous disposez d’une solution dédiée à la gestion de votre dossier fournisseur.

Moovapps Supplier Document, key features:

  • Managing the supplier file
  • Invoice approval systems (Payment authorisation)
  • Invoice recognition (Automatic document reader/Automatic document recognition)
  • System for publishing and sharing
  • Managing rights and controlling access
  • Publishing to Moovapps Workplace
  • Automatic invoice filing
  • Managing email and paper invoices
  • Managing tasks to be processed
  • Multi-criteria search engine
Moovapps Supplier Document, les fonctionnalités clés

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From €75 a month excl. tax for 5 internal users. The price is lower if you have less users.

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