Réduisez les délais et les coûts du temps de traitements de vos factures fournisseurs

Reduce delays and costs in the time required for your supplier invoices to be processed

With Moovapps Supplier Invoice Management you have a solution designed for managing your supplier invoices. In this secure area, you can centralise then process paper invoices that have previously been scanned and any invoices received by email. The invoice details are then taken from the invoice by our smart capture system and provided to your accounting department to control and allocate prices through an approval system. Your invoice control and approval is optimised while reducing risks of error and delay penalties.

Grâce à Moovapps Supplier Invoice Management vous disposez d’une solution dédiée à la gestion de vos factures fournisseurs.

Moovapps Supplier Invoice Management, key features:

  • Managing the supplier file
  • Extracting invoice details
  • Accounting reconciliation (general and analytical)
  • Monitoring invoice processing
  • Exporting in a structured format so they can be imported in the ERP
  • Automatic invoice filing
  • Collaborative approach
  • Recognition and learning interface (Automatic document reader/Automatic document recognition)
Moovapps Supplier Invoice Management, les fonctionnalités clés

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