Dématérialiser et fluidifier les interactions avec vos fournisseurs

Digitalise and streamline communication with suppliers.

Moovapps Supplier Service Portal is a solution that digitalises communication with your suppliers on 3 fronts:

  • Purchasing/Finance (managing supplier authorisations, tenders, orders and invoices)
  • Design department/ Production (sharing technical documents with the supplier, discussing with the supplier in the design or production phase)
  • Managing Supplier quality (Supplier non-conformities, etc.)

Moovapps Supplier Service Portal, key features:

  • Managing suppliers and their authorisations
  • Managing supplier requests (information requests, supplier complaints, etc.)
  • Online submission of supplier invoices and approval of payment authorisations
  • Publishing news
  • Sharing supplier information (documents, FAQ)
  • Full overview of communication with the supplier
  • Supplier access to all or part of their Supplier file (requires the Supplier Document App)
  • Sharing/exchanging technical documents (2D, 3D, PDF, Word) with the supplier with a 2D/3D web viewer (requires the PDM Collaboration App)
  • Discussion module (requires Moovapps Team App)
  • Managing Non-Conformities, Measures and Supplier audits (requires the Moovapps Quality Management App)
  • Managing tenders and suppliers’ responses

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From €350 a month excl. tax for 5 internal users and an unlimited number of suppliers.

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