Oversee how your teams are progressing with tasks

For SMEs who need to need to oversee how their teams are progressing with tasks, Visiativ Task is a collaborative app that makes creating, assigning and monitoring your teams’ tasks easy. This App also provides a simple  collaborative solution that is perfectly adapted to SMEs’ needs so that they can monitor their to do list.

Moovapps Task est une application collaborative qui simplifie la création, l’affectation et le suivi des tâches de vos équipes

Visiativ Task, key features:

  • Managing project templates or plans of action
  • Setting up lists of tasks related to the template with task ordering
  • Setting up task templates related to the name of the person responsible for the task, the number of scheduled hours, the department concerned, the relevant document template, whether approval N+2 – is necessary or not – and the required deadline
  • Creating projects or plans of action
  • Inputting data based on the project or plan (description, relevant equipment, etc.)
  • Assigning a manager to the project or plan
  • Creating tasks based on the list of tasks from the selected template (with the option to add tasks later or delete them)
  • Assignment of tasks by the person responsible to a member of your team
  • Monitoring the project or plan of action
  • Task monitoring workflow
  • All workers handle their own tasks, particularly their progress status
  • Then controlling the handling of the task by N+1
  • Then potential approval by N+2 if this has been outlined in the task setup
  • Option of integrating into the ERP to facilitate the automated creation of projects or plans of action
Moovapps Task, les fonctionnalités clés

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From €100 a month excl. tax for 20 internal users. The price is lower if you have less users.

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