Digital transformation, HSDT diagnosis


You’re willing to start or accelerate your digital transformation in your company ?

Through the HSDT (High Speed Digital Transformation), Visiativ will be supporting you on all your digital transformation projects.

Start with the HSDT diagnosis, first stage of the approach? After an overview, we deliver recommendations on improvements tracks regarding digital solutions, organization and means to be ensured.

How does a Digital diagnosis concretely go?

To help you having a clear vision, our Business Experts will begin your digital transformation by making a clear overview of your company : the HSDT diagnosis. We physically come in your company in order to understand how your organisation runs and to analyse your software assets. You will get a clear picture of the transformation potential and we will be able to make a clear map of your company transformation.

We meet the company board but also key employees into various departments. The goals are understanding interactions between your company departments and identifying the critic points. In order to recommend improvements tracks and clear actions to be done in short or long term.

My mission deals about realizing an organization diagnosis and to propose a digital roadmap (HSDT) that fit your needs.

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With the HSDT diagnosis, we accompany you in a progressive and scalable digital transformation that fit your level of maturity.

Our digital transformation experts help you to prioritise projects and to select the right software that fit your needs.

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The 4 stages of the diagnosis :

Diagnostic TNGV

Identification with the CEO of employees that need to be interviewed within the diagnosis and who will need to respond to a preliminary survey.

Face to face interviews with the Business Consultant. Those 30 minutes meetings deal with/are about inner teams and eventually external partners.

Transcription of the meetings and analysis of the answers to summarize the main feedbacks and recommendations to propose a personalized roadmap.

Presentation to the board of the improvements tracks and the means to ensure the response to company’s key issues.

Why conducting a HSDT diagnosis?

The HSDT diagnosis helps you to define your priority tracks within your digital transformation through the construction of a digital road map that consider your business issues. Once done, you will have a clear vision of your digital maturity and improvements tracks regarding identified projects and issues.

Moovapps TNGV Loupe

Evaluate your business

Moovapps TNGV Classeur

Prioritize your key projects

Moovapps TNGV new technologies

Anticipate new technology’s usages

  • Assess the maturity of digital solutions that are used
  • Classify your needs
  • Identify improvements tracks
  • Match your projects with your strategic issues
  • Build a digital transformation roadmap
  • Discover digital usage in your specific business
  • Share practical experimentation

HSDT diagnosis : to whom ?

The HSDT Diagnosis is for all leaders that are convinced that digital transformation is a key stage in their business strategy and that want to be accompanied in this approach.