Customer service challenges

Visiativ Customer Service, simple, efficient and high customer satisfaction

Visiativ is simple, efficient and provides high customer satisfaction.

Key challenges for Customer Service

Increasing service efficiency

Customer service has to adapt to companies’ digital transformation to create a customer service experience that suits both parties. Among the new tools provided that call for a re-evaluation of the existing model, how can we ensure that we choose the right solution to bring us the efficiency we are looking for?

After-sales service: from holding you back to propelling you forward

Let’s start by saying that after-sales service does not hold you back but it is an opportunity. An opportunity to create new sales channels. It is easier to upsell than to win over a new customer and it is the sign of a healthy and sustainable relationship. What can we do to reap profit from after-sales service?

Satisfaction is a primary concern

The term “customer” has been a little simplistic for a while now; we prefer the idea of “Business Partners”. The supplier-customer relationship is constantly evolving and so the supplier creates new opportunities for its customers. Creating a sustainable relationship of trust that benefits both parties is one of the main challenges after-sales service and BtoB face today.

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