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Key Quality challenges

Meeting regulatory requirements

Part of a quality management system is that companies have to be able to adapt to change and undertake a continuous improvement process in order to control their processes and procedures as effectively as possible and to meet the relevant regulatory requirements. Continuous improvement allows companies to prevent risks efficiently and sustainably.

Managing costs with a good quality management software

If quality is badly managed, this can lead to significant losses throughout the whole production system, whether this is in functional services or operational services. This loss translates to a decrease in productivity and production. This can represent 5% of companies’ turnover and can even be double this in 15% of companies.

Improving customer satisfaction

In terms of a quality system, it is essential to concentrate on customer expectations when establishing and developing this system. To keep their competitive advantage, companies have to be able to continually improve their ways of working and their products to be able to increase customer satisfaction and gain their trust

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