High-speed digital transformation

An approach based on 5 axes :

In an increasingly technological world, digitalisation is impacting on and transforming our lives, our ways of consuming and our ways of working.

Consequently, companies have to adapt their business models and put digitalisation at the forefront of their development strategy based on the following four key foundations:

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HSDT initiative: helping you create your digital roadmap

With its 30 years experience, the Visiativ group created the initiative “HSDT initiative: let’s create your High-Speed Digital Transformation (HSDT) digital roadmap together”. It is an innovative support initiative that uses strategic challenges to provide companies with a digital roadmap of their digital projects to be introduced.

To implement the digital roadmap, you can rely on Visiativ’ professional experience and apps that are most suited to the uses identified.

A four stage initiative

HSDT stage 1

Understanding: preparation

  • Choosing the right people
  • Outlining the schedule
  • Filling in questionnaires
    • Individual records,
    • Evaluating tools
    • Evaluating documents

HSDT stage 2

Listening: implementation

30 minute individual interviews

  • Aims
  • Digital tools used
  • Requirements

Analysing: write up

  • Report
    • Overview
    • Findings
    • Recommendation
    • Prioritisation
  • Creation of a personalised HSDT

HSDT stage 4

Sharing: review

  • With the best management
  • Promoting discussion
  • Sharing experiences

The benefits of HSDT

hsdt - benefit 1
Digital transformation
is strategic

Roadmap of projects in line with strategic challenges

hsdt - benefit 2
Digital transformation
is simple

An iterative, quick and pragmatic method.

hsdt - benefit 1
Digital transformation
is first and foremost about people

Mobilising the company by involving transformers.

They put their trust in us

Let's create your digital roadmap together

Do you want to create your own HSDT? Contact a digital transformation expert! We will get back to you as soon as possible.