Challenges in creation and community animation

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The challenges of managing/creating a community

Mobilising and retaining a community

Maintaining regular and close relationships with your ecosystem facilitates innovation and growth. Comparing your business reality with those of other stakeholders in the field means you can rely on the collective to resolve business problems. Engage and mobilise a community around a collaborative platform to see future partners and projects blossom.

Promoting its image and activities

Creating a community also means creating a network of relationships of trust. By communicating without an intermediary, you can create privileged relationships and collect data on each member’s profile, interests and needs. This channel allows you to obtain product feedback and also offer services based on customer needs.

Protecting its information capital

A community is like a living, digital archive of all information and data shared by its members. Its ability to centralise, index and organise shared information means you can easily access the information you are looking for, thanks to various browsing and search tools.

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