Customer service challenges for retail

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Key Customer Service challenges for Retail

Making customer service more efficient

When it comes to Customer Service, the question of how to offer more customised services is an ongoing issue. You need to be calm and creative to be able to respond to the ever-changing requests of a clientele that is taking the market by storm. But how do you use these new tools to make your Retail after-sales service more efficient?

Transforming the after-sales services into a profit centre

Customer service is often seen as a necessary evil; you need to have it to be able to respond to the requests pouring in from product sales. But nowadays, you need to think of after-sales service as an opportunity to form a loyal customer base, to reassure customers and to upsell. Customer service should resolve problems and create opportunities.

Improving customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is an art that is difficult to master and you need to understand all the intricacies behind it. It didn’t take long for the market to go 100% digital, from purchasing to complaints. After-sales service has to navigate these new waters to ensure a modern and efficient monitoring process, where the customer and digitalisation are at the heart of all business concerns.

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