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Key challenges facing Customer Service

Satisfaction is our primary concern

The ways we obtain information is changing and customers are faced with an omni-channel approach throughout their experience (online information, taking out insurance in a branch, managing contracts on their mobile and handling insurance claims over the phone). It is essential that stakeholders in Insurance adapt to these new methods in order to offer a comprehensive customer experience and promote a loyal clientele. By increasing your points of contact, customer experience is transformed and thanks to digitalisation you can respond to the challenges facing Customer Service. But how can we establish efficient Customer Service despite the complexity of your IS (Information System) and the apparent difficulty to establish digital solutions?

After-sales service: from holding you back to propelling you forward

Let’s start by saying that after-sales service does not hold you back but it is an opportunity to create new sales channels. You need to make the most of your new points of contact to offer new services and to retain and make the most of your existing customer base. Digitalisation means your customers can be more autonomous, meaning they can manage and sign their contracts from the customer area thanks to an electronic signature feature, a mobile app and a customer portal designed for this purpose. What are all the measures we can take to optimise the ability to sell new services through customer service?

Increasing service efficiency

Managing customer requests becomes even more difficult as you provide more services and there are greater expectations. Customer service in Insurance must become more efficient so it can effectively process this stream of requests internally and to such a standard that customers are satisfied. To process all these requests (on information, pricing, cancellation, affiliation, insurance claims, etc.), you need to optimise your management and handling processes. But how can we increase service efficiency while reducing the number of low-value added activities? Choosing the right solution and a good partner for digitalising after-sales services is the key to transforming Customer Service.

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