Customer service challenges in manufacturing

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Key Customer Service challenges facing manufacturers

Making customer service more efficient

BtoB relationships are becoming omni-channel: customers want to address their suppliers on all channels, at any time, anywhere and in their language, both online and over the phone. As soon as a technical problem about a product is raised, BtoB customers or retailers want to be able to quickly identify a reference number from the manufacturer, showing their request is being processed, so they can track requests quicker. How can you make it easier to manage customer requests and process them efficiently?

Transforming the after-sales services into a profit centre

Sales from spare parts and after-sale services represent 2 to 3 times higher margins than the original equipment. The web becomes a powerful ally in the field because it allows the manufacturer, the final customer and the retailer to get closer. How can you make it easier for your customers and retailers to identify spare parts?

Improving customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is still often expressed in terms of quality and speed in carrying out technical work. It greatly increases when the technical problem, which is the purpose for carrying out the work, is resolved as a result of this work. How can you plan this work more effectively to ensure that is always successful?

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