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Key challenges facing design departments in Manufacturing

Opening up the design department

The design department is often separated from the rest of the organisation while requests from salespeople, customers and suppliers increase. To avoid an increase in low-value added jobs in your Design department, you need to create new communication channels. A platform for sharing technical documentation allows all stakeholders to search for information from the CAD software directly.

Optimising how CAD software is used

The cost of R&D is significantly impacted by an organisation’s ability to create the best working conditions for research and development teams. The design department has to minimise low-value added tasks by making information available automatically. But it also has to make the most of modules that make design software user-friendly so they can reduce the time required to complete the designs and automate the process for circulating them to all the stakeholders involved.

Improving customer satisfaction

Your customers want to be able to see how their request is being processed and to be able to quickly access technical documents. Retaining customers is one of the main challenges in manufacturing. To stand out from the crowd, you need to offer services that allow you to get closer to your ecosystem. A range of services have emerged in the manufacturing industry that provide customers and suppliers with new experiences. How can we simplify the customer experience, improve communications and optimise the tools designed for your ecosystem?

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