Challenges facing supplier relationships in manufacturing

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Key challenges facing supplier relationships in Manufacturing

Improving supplier relationships

It goes without saying that it is important to have a good relationship with suppliers, not only because it helps reduce payment periods but also because it can lead to co-creation, where the supplier becomes a partner. For this to happen, you need to create new communication channels, facilitate document sharing and digitalise processes, so the relationship is smoother and more efficient.

Reducing costs

Costs are purchasing departments’ main concern but costs can be reduced by decreasing the number of low-value added activities. Managing supplier files, invoices and approval processes can be a real puzzle. How can we use digital means to transform supplier relationships and purchasing?

Digitalising documentation

Managing supplier files is a key challenge for Purchasing Departments. Creating a secure space where you can find contracts, quotes and orders provides all departments working with the suppliers (accounts, purchasing, method) with easy access to documents. This will speed up your decision-making processes thanks to approval workflows. Did you know that a person can process around 90,000 invoices a day if their company has gone 80% digital compared to only 6,000 paper invoices?

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