Sales and marketing challenges in manufacturing

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Key issues for sales & marketing services

Creating an “omni-channel” relationship with BtoB customers

The increase in sales channels (online, representatives, sales administration) ensures perfect uniformity across all information shared with the customers: product availability, negotiated prices, targeted promotions and loyalty status. How do you create a close relationship with each BtoB customer in France and internationally?

Effectively controlling your sales force

Implementing a business strategy is based on several driving factors: team engagement, definitive plans of action and effective management. How do you go from “increased business” to always coming out on top?

Retaining your BtoB customers

Customers are looking for a seamless relationship with their suppliers. They want to be able to speak with their suppliers on all the channels available and be informed about any new developments and product offers without any problems. How can you ensure this targeted and personalised communication?

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