Challenges for the quality department in manufacturing

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Key Quality challenges in Manufacturing

Meeting regulatory requirements

Ensuring products and industrial processes are compliant is one of the major challenges companies must face who have to adapt to change and take action to improve their quality processes. Manufacturers have to manage their processes to ensure they meet regulatory requirements. Responding to these issues means an appropriate and compliant system can be established over time.

Managing your costs

Managing costs is a transversal issue that affects all departments in the company. Losses resulting from a bad quality system can represent from 5% to 10% of turnover, depending on the company. Not managing quality can lead to significant losses in the production system, on both a functional and/or operational level. These losses can lead to a decrease in productivity and an increase in the number of manufacturing faults.

Improving customer satisfaction

Customer expectations have to be the main focus of your quality system. Being transparent with your customers, and facilitating tracking and monitoring, allows a relationship of trust to develop. This means quality management can be continuously improved and it proves that you are able to adapt to new standards and requests. This transparent and adapted system means customers are happier and a relationship of trust is developed.

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