Challenges facing the quality department in retail

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Key Quality challenges in Retail

Becoming more productive.

Making processes and products compliant is one of the main challenges businesses have to face that have to take action to improve their quality processes. Implementing a quality management system allows them to reduce the number of faults and limit the financial impact of these faults. Digitalising the quality system and establishing a compliant, adaptable and sustainable system will give you more control over procedures and facilitate the alignment of processes across the production chain .

Managing your costs

Managing costs is a transversal issue that affects all departments in the company. Losses resulting from a bad quality system can represent from 5% to 10% of turnover, depending on the company. Not managing quality can lead to significant losses in the production system, on both a functional and/or operational level. It is essential to implement a suitable Quality system to reduce losses and optimise processes related to managing product cycles.

Reassuring customers and retailers

You need to make the most of introducing an effective Quality system and implement social responsibility measures. The concept of CSR implies social, economic and environmental performance. Your development model must meet social expectations and combine ethical and business ideologies. An effective Quality system will allow you to comply with these standards and obtain certifications proving you have respected these standards and are going above and beyond what is expected. This way, you will gain the trust of your business partners and customers.

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