Challenges facing supplier relationships in retail

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Key challenges facing supplier relationships in Retail

Digitalising Purchasing services

Purchasing departments work with suppliers, logistics teams and accounting departments and this communication is often over email and over the phone. However, effectively managing supplier files is a key challenge in this business. These stakeholders share information, contracts and are subject to approval processes. How is digitalising content and communications going to transform this ecosystem and benefit everyone?

Improving supplier relationships

Maintaining good relationships with suppliers is essential and can considerably reduce payment periods, order errors and generally speed up all purchasing processes. Your company depends on your suppliers’ efficient supply which is managed by your purchasing department. How can we use digital means to improve these relationships?

Reducing costs

Reducing costs is always at the centre of any challenges faced by the purchasing department but this does not have to exclusively involve transactions, it is also about optimising how the department is managed. You need to create new communication channels, make it easier to share information between different departments (invoices, orders, contracts, etc.) and establish approval workflows in order to reduce low-value added activities and optimise processes involving this part of the ecosystem.

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