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Our retail solution organises omni-channel sales

Your customers want to benefit from a seamless and coherent purchasing experience when moving between different sales channels: shops, online and direct sales. To rise to this expectation, your omni-channel retail solution must ensure product prices and information at all points of sale are consistent and improve sales promotion in a personalised way for each customer.

Real retail apps for more a efficient sales force

Your field sales force is a key link in your relationship with your customers. An ever-increasing number of activities are entrusted to them: planning runs, presenting new products, increasing shelf spaces, taking orders etc. To support them being efficient, you need to help them prioritise their activities, carry out marketing campaigns and provide feedback from the field.
Moovapps’ Retail solution offers BtoB e-commerce solutions as well as apps that take orders or CRM apps for field sales forces.

Quality control and product traceability

In our hyper-connected world, product quality is no longer an option. The overall cost of recall campaigns and negative publicity is prohibitively expensive. You must make quality a transversal issue, making it possible to detect any deviations in advance, correct them, and oversee the whole process through a tailored dashboard.

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