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New challenges facing manufacturers

Opening up the ecosystem

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a major transformation and BtoB relationships are now part of all of our channels: human, web and mobile. BtoB e-commerce grows significantly every year, particularly when it comes to selling spare parts, and BtoB customers become business partners that are likely to contribute to product innovation. How can we now use digital technology to increase business activity with your ecosystem?

Integrating new technology

Today, we are experiencing the 4th industrial revolution which sees the rise of new technology: 3D printing, the Internet of things, big data and artificial intelligence. It is vital that manufacturers understand the added value and impact of these new developments and the emerging revolution. How can this technology become the driving force for your future business model?

Operational excellence and driving forces for innovation

New technology and innovation’s ruthless pace are forcing manufacturers to rethink their businesses. Digitalising processes frees up staff who were doing low value-added activities, such as simply checking holiday requests or making purchase requests, and allows them to dedicate more time to their job. How can we digitalise daily processes to improve operational efficiency and improve performance?

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