Who are we?

Visiativ is an innovative software publisher that designed and marketed the collaborative platform Visiativ. Visiativ allows you to put digital at the heart of your strategy, by activating business experiences that answer your business’ key challenges.

Our aim is to support you through this transformation through 4 key stages:

HSDT smart platform

And to help you overcome these challenges, Visiativ uses its know-how and professional expertise to design apps that are categorised by business sector and by job, as well as an innovative methodology for co-creating and implementing your digital roadmap, the HSDT initiative.

Visiativ Store

Find all the ready to use business apps offered by the collaborative platform Visiativ.

HSDT initiative

Discover the support initiative offered by Visiativ to create your digital roadmap.

Visiativ Factory

Collaborative platform that makes Apps on request for creating business apps tailored to your specific needs

Visiativ headquarters


Visiativ Lyon

Les Bureaux Verts
26, rue Benoît Bennier
69260 Charbonnières-les-Bains – France
Tel. : +33 (0)4 78 87 29 29